I finished the latest “Dreamer” triptych! Very textural, I used gesso to achieve the layers of strings for the background. The figure delineation is still silver, but this time I used a paler shade of metallic to lighten the feel. All lines seen are raised on the canvases. This is a very breathy piece, soft and subtle, it encourages the viewer to relax and allow their natural flow to emerge.  40”T x 90”W, $3500

Don’t you love the Universe?

Here’s the latest Daily Meditations. When I create these, I am focusing on different things. I choose the palette based on that and let the energy flowing direct my choices of materials and designs. People have asked, so in the interest of letting them out into the world, I offer them at $100 for your choice.

Daily Meditation Creations

Let me explain what these are, as you all know, I’ve been wrestling with ways of expressing myself since selling my steel shop (opting for physical health with less pain). I have been playing with various 3-dimensional media, aluminum rod, pvc sheet, wood, etc. All good, but I’m missing working large. So I felt it was time to take a breathe and focus internally. These necklaces were inspired by the wonderful work I see in the Sundance catalog, and cannot afford ($380 for some!!!) 

Recognizing that I have bins of materials from past projects, I sat myself down and brought my attention to creating in the moment. 

These are the results of daily meditations focusing on being present and noticing life’s details. I hope you enjoy! I offer them at $100 for your choice. 

Check back for more as they come into being!

Spiral Waves done after wonderful feedback and playing!

In case you’re new here: this adventure started in white, then I felt the need for color, played with it a couple of ways, wasn’t happy (don’t get me started on the bases I tried) so I asked the community- both IRL & digital- for some feedback. Amazingly people responded with a variety of reasons for liking the different finishes and the dialog really helped me land on something I feel enhances the work without distracting from the form. 

As promised, here is the finished piece. The surface of the Indian Rosewood base is glossed with a hint of silver to reference the surface of water, I decided to break up the solid fields of color with white “foam” flicks to add to the movement of the piece.

Thanks to all who were part of that dialog - it really helped!

Thinking maybe this way…

As you can see from the pix, I have tried different finishes on this wave piece. The base has a subtle silver sheen to just the top to reference water reflecting. 

I’d LOVE feedback about this rendition with simple color block waves. I thought it made it easier to see each section of waves. In the frothy wave one the sections blended into each other depending on viewing angle. The color blocking feels like a good match for the clean shapes. 

What do you think?

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