New Work In Progress - Urban Inspired

Growing up in downtown Chicago surrounded by the constant upward movement inspired this series of work. I’ve always been fascinated by the structures that support all the building in progress - cranes, rebar, all the heavy gear - and the ballet it all performs in the service of the city. The roads must roll.

The blending of structured and seemingly uncontrolled elements evokes a narrative of the city’s growth and expansion, reaching up towards the sky, yet simultaneously conveys a sense of disarray and complexity inherent in urban development. The patinated surface of the metal adds depth to the work, indicating time’s effect on man-made structures and alluding to the historical layers within a city.

The juxtaposition of the city’s architecture against the chaotic girders is a statement on the intersection of order and disarray, of planning and serendipity. This tension between control and chaos represents the unpredictable nature of life within the urban context.

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