“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

— Jonathan Swift


My art is all about transition. Life has changed in so many ways this year, my work is evolving with me. Making connections is what drives me. The medium I choose to illustrate ideas changes based on how/what I want to communicate, the excitement of working in different media enhances the process.

My painted figure work strives to illustrate a state of being. The silver lines represent the energy that flows through and connects us all.

The Spiral Series of sculpture is all about carving movement out of space. This is me being loose and abstract, evolving. Feeling the cuts and forces that flow around us.

As an artist who works primarily in three dimensions, I am always looking for ways to make art more tangible - yes, please touch!

My teaching philosophy is one of learning by doing. Experience is everything. The exploration of materials and meaning in the classroom as well as the studio should allow self-expression and reflection. Process is integral to the work - the conscious realization of what our hands and minds are capable of producing.

Evolving as a person and making art is a completely intertwined process. The decisions made when making an art object are as important and meaningful as the art piece itself. I encourage my students to experiment with materials, to push their ideas to the limit and to think always about the content of their work.


I believe in stepping out of our boundaries to gain perspective on our lives. 

My ideas dictate the media used to achieve these goals. Creating with steel, bronze, copper, brass, stone, wood and various found objects. These elements, combined with paint, canvas and life, enable me to evoke deep emotional responses within viewers.

In addition to traditional art making techniques, I also work in the digital arena, creating art that starts on the computer and is realized using cutting edge technology.  

Always experimenting with new techniques, I am equally comfortable with analog and digital technologies, and use both according to the needs of the project.

Working Together

Let Pamela Olin ignite your creativity!

Have an upcoming project? Collaboration can make it happen faster!

Here's a list of Services:

- Commissioned Fine Art

- Creative Consulting (have an idea but not sure how to realize it?)    

 - Creative Experiences in your space or mine (think "Girls Night In", Team Building and Parties!)                 

- Home studio set up

- Install Art & professional hanging systems (change your art without making holes!)

- Corporate Art (Fine or Logo)                   

Get in touch with Pamela using the contact form to discuss rates, scheduling and more.

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