Finished Spiral 1 on base

Here’s the finished Spiral #1. 

I routed out space in the pecky cypress base for the lazy susan turntable to drop into, that way the Spiral seems to float and spin. The turntable is attached to the sculpture and sits into the space in the base so it’s easy to lift out for transport.

Base is 12” dia x 2.5” tall

Evolution continues…

After further contemplation, I decided that the sand dollar and it’s birds (and all those shells) were just too much stuff added to this piece. I chose instead, a sliced shell that reflects the shapes in the body and supports how we are all similar on the inside. 

This is on a box frame, so the edges are 1.75” deep. The middle image shows what I have done on that edge. It is blue glass bead to add light play to the edges as the viewer approaches the work and add the sense of water.

Thinking about titles like “Contemplation” “Reflection”  “Going Deep”  “Curiousity”  “Exploration” “Extrapolation”

We’ll see what sticks :-D

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