Spiral #3 in progress

Here is the beginning of Spiral #3. This will be the last one made out of steel, I am switching to aluminum now that I no longer have my steel shop for welding (sold - yay!). 

I also am returning to having figures on these spirals, I like the change in perception of scale with them. I think it allows for a grander feel to the strength of the spiral in it’s force of nature as it lifts us.

I have been thinking of opening my studio/home for a holiday Open Studio, we shall see…

Finished Spiral 1 on base

Here’s the finished Spiral #1. 

I routed out space in the pecky cypress base for the lazy susan turntable to drop into, that way the Spiral seems to float and spin. The turntable is attached to the sculpture and sits into the space in the base so it’s easy to lift out for transport.

Base is 12” dia x 2.5” tall

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