Bases, Bases, Bases!

Happy New Year!! Here’s to a fresh start!

These past holidays have been a time for reflection and evolution. The events of last year knocked me sideways and the work that has been flowing out of me is very different. I am pursuing a looser approach to communicating visually and hope you all enjoy it!

I always welcome comments and questions on both content and materials, so do reach out, I’m very responsive :-D

Busy days in the studio!

Here’s the fruits of this past week’s labor. All kinds of fun pieces that now need surface treatments. Some will be coated with metal and patinas and some will be painted. Art, like life, is an adventure!!

Check back to see how they turn out!

Spiral #2 Finished!!

Spiral #2 is DONE!! Titled “Taking The Curves”, steel, copper, wood, PVC.

17” diameter x 26” tall on pecky Cypress base

I am having so much fun carving space this way! I’m going to start using aluminum rods based directly in wood and see how that works. 

Also playing with other shapes, like fun splashes below - pencil is there for scale :-D

And then there’s framing…

Today was spent building the floater frame for “Pushing The Limits”. Thankful I have 4 corner clamps :-D  

After consideration, I decided to paint the inside of the fame in a deep blue/black. I didn’t want to use just black as it seemed too harsh and whenever I can use color (even this deep) I’d rather. I purchased simple corner moulding that had been primed. That let me sand it down to give the pickled look I like for simple frames here in Florida.

Spiral #3 in progress

Here is the beginning of Spiral #3. This will be the last one made out of steel, I am switching to aluminum now that I no longer have my steel shop for welding (sold - yay!). 

I also am returning to having figures on these spirals, I like the change in perception of scale with them. I think it allows for a grander feel to the strength of the spiral in it’s force of nature as it lifts us.

I have been thinking of opening my studio/home for a holiday Open Studio, we shall see…

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