Been a while…

yes, it has been a while! Lots going on in the studio: several 3D wall pieces in the works, one has a home already! I’m experimenting with metal finishes and patinas over PVC - light weight and dimensional. Also working on cutting 12” steel hemispheres into what appears to be alien artifacts - basically seeing what I can do with my plasma cutter and an open mind.

And, of course, I continue to do custom designed pieces for those hard to find spots! The sunset piece incorporates driftwood  with welded, painted steel.

The Gift Of Time - Part 2

This piece is titled “Disrupt The Flow”. Total dimensions are 24” sq, each cube is 1”sq.

In this piece you can actually slide the center column of cubes sideways on clear Perlon cords (like giant fish line) to change the “flow”.

Most of the pieces that I have done in the cube series have some element of interaction with them so that people can actually physically change a piece that is in front of them. Currently the exception to this would be “Mounting Perspective“ which allows the viewer to realize the different views as they walk by the piece.

The Gift Of Time- Part 1

You may recall, that I am the eternal optimist. I have chosen to recognize the last nine weeks as a gift. Rather than huddle terrified in my space, listening to the news talking death 24/7, I decided to use this as a healing and creating time.

It’s only in retrospect that I can fully appreciate how necessary this time was for me. Some of you know all of the things that have happened over the last three years in my life, I have not had a moment to fully reflect, go through, address and move forward due to life continuing (as it will).

During this time, I have had a blissful flow of creativity. Things that needed to come out and be illustrated in ways that may communicate to others and ease their pain or help in their journey. I continue to explore both media and message, my message stays consistent in being aware of what’s around you, recognizing the power you have to change not just your world but others’ worlds as well.

The images above show the progress on a piece that deals with 54 1cm cubes colored with both primary and secondary colors to represent all of us with all of our differences and all of our baggage, these are exploding out of a central cube of white illustrating how we all start together and we all have our own paths and even when someone chooses another path, it really just means they’re bringing new things to someplace else.

I have found in the creation of my cube series, that the process of creation is absolutely as important as the end result. I have learned to channel my inner OCD (which I never knew I had) and revel in the process and the detail and the ritual which allows me to arrive at a finished piece with great depth and meaning. Like reading a good long book, it stays with me while I am immersed in it and colors the way I view the world.

Mounting Perspective

This piece is about how perspective changes as we move up the mountain of life. As much as we may want to enlighten those who are walking behind us, without the perspective of time, many will not listen.

Each cube rises in 1/4” increments to the center summit. As you approach this work, you have little to no awareness of the complete image the colored tops create. Only by walking around are you able to perceive the concentric design revealed when you stand square in front of it. (No pun intended😆). Dimensions: 24” sq x 6” deep, wood, acrylic, stainless steel, pvc sheet.

Departing The Text

I continue to explore relationships in space using 1” wood cubes. Here I’m trying to illustrate transitions from orderly to dis-orderly, and the possible benefits of that shift.

We often chug along in our life routines, taking comfort in the expected. I enjoy encouraging the departure from routine to bring new experiences into play to open us to all the possibilities out there!

We are almost always in a state of transition, moving from one state of mind to the next. I offer visual and spatial representations with the hope of increasing awareness to ease the stress of facing what’s NEXT.

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