Winged Spiral finished!

Here is the Winged Spiral finished. I have it here on a Pecky Cypress base, currently unfinished wood. Not sure if this will be the final base, may be too busy. You can also see in this video the next painting I’m working on - it already looks very different :-D

current state, sky background painting (may be) done, tweaking body colors to be lighter/brighter

people shapes placed and primed

planning stages, playing with little steel people shapes in background, musculature caulk lines for texture and changing them from dark to silver

I decided this needs reworking

Here are the “in progress” pix from the latest painting/assemblage piece. As I think about this year and the new year to come, I find myself pushing for lightness. No more darkness, always go for the light, choose Happy and follow through!

This piece started as a figure in a box, pushing the limits, bound by others’ expectations. It needed to percolate for a while until I was ready to be free.

The caulk lines here will be silver when finished, to illustrate the energy that flows through us all and connects us to all living things. 

Winged Spiral surface treatment

Sometimes the best way to get lots of things done, especially when they each have dry-time, is to make use of those small blocks of time during the day when we might otherwise be checking our phones :-D

Mindful minutes used well make for faster finishing👍

Keeping good work habits means always thinking about the evolution of your piece and interacting with it every day in some way. That way may be simply touching, looking, turning and imagining. This allows things to “percolate” and be affected by your daily interactions, thereby bringing your world into your work.

Experiments in Foam Carving

This is the first experiment carving layered foam with a hot wire. I used Elmers spray glue to stick the layers together thinking it would be easier to cut through than a glue or spreadable adhesive. That proved true, however the sheets did not have complete surface contact, so next block will have to be weighted more while curing.

This still needs to be sanded to round out the form, then coated in Apoxie Paste to create a solid shape ready for surface treatments. I’m really just experimenting here, so we’ll see what it winds up looking like!

The goal is to be able to create complex shapes that appear to be carved from stone or cast without the weight (or wait).


Progress so far, and yes, you can see that I tend to get ahead of myself and add surface treatments before I’m done with all the forming! That being said, the Apoxy Clay (2 part epoxy type clay) worked perfectly to create the tip of the spiral and blend seamlessly into existing wing. I was also able to texture it without any other material added.

Because I cannot just work on one piece at a time…

The painting pictured is 40” sq, done on a 2" deep box frame. This work in progress is not titled yet - it will evolve and the name will surface. I used caulk to create the surface figure lines and am embedding some of my small people shapes within.

The figure will be holding a large, real sand dollar in contemplation. Silver outlines will be coated in iridescence to represent the energy that flows through all things and connects us all. Note the crackled background, we are connected even when fractured. And as the Japanese art of Kintsugi shows us, when we come back together we can be stronger and more beautiful than before.

The other pix are the Winged Spiral with new surface texture finished and ready to be coated in bronze. After that will come patina…

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