Steel Water

Still musing about how I want to either make a mobile or use pins on some sort of backing (wood/steel/corian??) to create a wall piece that still moves with ambient air flow…

Monday Musings

Lately I’ve been fascinated by water, I like the relationship between water and metal. I like how they can be so similar in flowing form and yet so toxic to one another in the real world of rust and salt.

I have ideas surfacing in my mind about copper raindrop shapes formed with my planishing hammer into soft bellied complex curves. I see these hung so they shift and shimmer with the slightest puff of air, showing and hiding their edges and bellies, reminding us of the power and joy of water from the sky.

I have my materials, stay tuned for views in progress!

Memorial Day Weekend

My daughter came down for a Girls Weekend Away and we had such a great visit  

So good to take a step away from work to breathe and revel in family. We played tourist and took a boat ride to see the beauty of our coast, had beach time and talk time. 

Monday it’s back to the studio to create!

My Goal

My goal with this new website and blog, is to post something every day. I want to let you know what I’m working on so you can be inspired to create for yourself or connect with me and we can create the perfect item for you, your home or for a gift.

YOU are part of what inspires ME

Stay tuned!

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