Memorial Day Weekend

My daughter came down for a Girls Weekend Away and we had such a great visit  

So good to take a step away from work to breathe and revel in family. We played tourist and took a boat ride to see the beauty of our coast, had beach time and talk time. 

Monday it’s back to the studio to create!

My Goal

My goal with this new website and blog, is to post something every day. I want to let you know what I’m working on so you can be inspired to create for yourself or connect with me and we can create the perfect item for you, your home or for a gift.

YOU are part of what inspires ME

Stay tuned!

All new website is up & running!

Welcome everyone! I’m thrilled to say the new website is up! I still am adding captions and more photos, but things are looking great!

I welcome everybody’s feedback, I need to know how it looks on everyone’s devices!

This is a visual portrait that my son, Miles Cable, created for me. His website can be found at

May 17, 2017

These photos are from an amazing home that’s in progress on the Florida Gulf Coast. I was commissioned to create steel ivy vines to accent a brick corner that will have glass shelves for a motorcycle helmet collection. We are creating additional home accents that will bring these vines through the home The material I used is a wonderful bark-textured steel, imported from Germany, where it is manufactured in such a way that the pattern does not repeat. This steel takes finishes beautifully and really has the feel of actual vines. I have created headboards and benches that live indoors and outside from this wonderful material. It’s incredibly versatile and looks beautiful.

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