Winged Spiral 1 in progress

Working on Winged Spiral #1. 

I took a different approach to creating the wing after using hardware cloth (heavy screening) to create the basic shape and wiring it to the steel rod spiral, in the interest of keeping the wing thin but structurally sound.  

In moving I came across a few rolls of bandaging wrap that sticks to itself. (see - it pays to go through your stuff) It occurred to me that I could wrap the screen and give the Apoxie Paste a substrate to stick to without dripping through the screen (most desirable!). I spread the first layer last night as a test, this morning it’s exactly as I expected (yay!) - thin, smooth & hard. More layers to come, then metal coating with patina…thinking bronze….

New Space!

Well, I think I’m getting close to being done unpacking🙄. Creative juices are flowing again after being too long buried under the seismic pressures this year brought.

If you haven’t taken the time to go through your stuff and put your hands on every item you own, there’s no way to appreciate all the things. Having “right-sized” my space gave me just that opportunity!

I have successfully thinned my herd of stuff to the most important items (Mind you, what’s important to me).

This has brought me a delicious feeling of lightness of being that makes my spirit soar and let’s me begin creating with new perspectives and new priorities.

I continue to focus on Water this year, experimenting with different media. Pix to follow…

Stay Curious!


Today an artist friend, Jana Millstone, is coming over with some Sintra  (pvc material) to experiment with on the Carvey. Sintra has some unique properties like being easily formable using careful application of heat. This means that I can cut shapes out flat and then form them into some of the shapes I’ve been seeing in my head!

Stay tuned for pix of this afternoon’s adventures!

Fresh carving bits!

Fun with Carvey!!

5x7.5x.5in dancer is inlay painted copper before setting in

works in progress - 5in dia coasters w “splash” cut out to be filled with translucent blue

cut from 1/2in pine, coated w liquid bronze and gold rubbed highlights, 4x6in

using recycled cardboard, fun holiday gifts for friends I work with

amazing wood from Advantage Lumber!!!

As you can see, I’m having a boatload of fun with my new Carvey! So far I am experimenting with all kinds of materials and projects - today is GEAR day!! 2 projects for today: spirograph and robot hand! I do like to make things MOVE!!!

Stay tuned as I get more adventurous and start carving modular parts for sculptures…

New Tool!

Yes, it’s been a while since I last posted. Yes, my mac has been reminding me every day!!!

I am excited to tell you that I have ordered my Carvey CNC milling machine from (you can’t see that I’m acting like a star-struck fan). This baby will let me mill shapes in all kinds of materials - think doing my dog portraits in beautiful wood inlay, creating custom cut artwork in acrylic, dimensional work in wood, corian, even foam!

This reinvention of myself has been enabled by my selling my steel shop as a turn-key Artist Shop (yes, lessons were included). It was impossible for me to invest in the new tool setup without making changes. As all artists know, we evolve or die. After 25 years doing steel work, I’m super stoked to work with materials that do not require a chiropractic visit after!

This is just one of the new tools I am getting, the other will be a 3D printer. Now that I can print in metals, I will be able to sculpt in anything, scan it with a 3D scanner, and print it in almost any size.

I really enjoy letting my brain play in a new sandbox, I’ve been learning new software and thinking of new ways to express myself in new media. So stay tuned to see what I create! I expect to have the Carvey by Xmas :-D


This nifty 3-axis milling machine will arrive here on the 15th, I can’t wait!!!!! This is one of the pieces of equipment I have been waiting for since I sold the steel shop. Now I’m diving into learning Fusion 360 and getting my creative juices flowing - stay tuned!

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