Approaching my birthday…

As I approach my birthday ( yes, it’s a big one) I find myself being a time hoarder with my studio hours.  I read the transcript of a TED talk the other day talking about how “slow motion multi-tasking” is how artists and other brilliant ;-) people can work on multiple projects at once and still be successful.  Heck, as artists we’ve known this all along! Hit a block on one project, move along to another one and eventually the solution presents itself through ideas generated by working on something different.

Multi-tasking isn’t a bad thing here, it lets your brain play with other toys to disrupt the “same old thinking” and make new connections. YAY

The trick is not to over do it. I usually have up to 4 works in progress and others in line waiting for the right time. Interesting how everything old is new again…again!

My goal for this year is to keep working, just keep working. I’ve got lots of ideas swirling around gathering solidity with time. I’m finding ways to continue working with metal, aluminum lets me work with my hands in a way that satisfies my need to actually make stuff with my hands, not via a computer. 

Rising Out Of The Storm

Still in process of finishing the cypress wood base, patina came out nicely, I still want to knock down any shine on the figure’s clearcoat. 

This piece illustrates my rising out of the last year and letting the Universe lead in this dance of life.

Play with Me!

So this is what happened when I left the ovals out with a note to “Play with me”. I have now made rectangles and triangles, interesting physics! More play time results to follow. Also I’m thinking of more silly fun shapes….

Fun with simple shapes and the joy they bring!

In search of inspiration, I decided to go back to basics and create a set of play “blocks” for myself (and anyone else who wants to play). I chose to make sets of concentric (and somewhat eccentric :-D) ovals, squares and triangles. So far I’ve got the ovals done and have been thoroughly enjoying messing with them - lots of balancing going on, very zen!

I’m going to cut the squares & triangles next. we’ll see where their eccentricities wind up and how that plays into building with them.

Ah, the simple things!

Have a well-balanced day!

Thank you for great feedback!!

I’ve received some valuable feedback an artist group I’m in, Women Contemporary Artists (here in Sarasota - check em out!), and I’m thrilled!! We had a critique that allowed me to get these new pieces in front of other creative folk and have some dialog about some of my questions & concerns. 

Was very happy with general response, lets me know I’m on the right track. One comment was that these would be awesome in grand scale, I agree!! 

Looking forward to starting the larger piece I now have a cypress knee to base it in.

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