Progress on sand dollar piece (as yet untitled)

Here I have put the sand dollar together leaving a section out so the “birds” can fly free. The birds are the bones of the sand dollar! The missing piece can be found at the bottom of the work, nestled in with small shells. I wanted the viewer to be able to see into the inside of the sand dollar, as it is really incredible!

Notice the silver lines on the sand dollar where it had broken. They mimic the silver lines in the figure, illustrating how when we put ourselves back together after a “break”, we are frequently stronger and more beautiful than we were before. They also show that all living things are connected.

This is not the final placement for the “birds”, they will be placed more randomly (they are all stuck to one piece of plastic bag so they are safe until placed & protected).

Amazing Retreat Experience

So here’s the fruits of my labor over the Women Contemporary Artists retreat. Such an amazing experience to work with 30 women all together in one big room, each of us doing our thing! The energy was powerful and the exchange of ideas enlightening!


Just built this Creality Ender 3 3D printer, having trouble getting first print to be correct,  has anyone out there played with this printer or a similar one that could offer helpful hints? Thank you in advance!!

Retreat Time Approaches…

I’m getting pretty excited about the Women Contemporary Artists retreat that’s coming up in a couple weeks. I’m bringing several pieces that you’ve watched me get started to hopefully, finish up!

This will be a blissful 4 days of dedicated Studio time with around 25 other women artists working with all kinds of media. I hope to return with minimally 3 finished pieces to add to the gallery “Artists on Main Street” here in Sarasota.

So there maybe a pause in my posting, as I focus on this immersion experience. (or maybe I’ll wind up sharing pix & thoughts from there - we’ll see!!)

Figuring stuff out…

Just thought I’d share some of my figuring out how to create this wave form that comes out of the wall. I’ve experimented with a few ways to achieve the feel I’m looking for - a wave that feels like it’s cresting into you. I want to be able to have areas of the “canvas” hidden from initial view, to inspire the curious to explore further (diving in, as it were).

One of the most important things I try to do in all my work is reward viewers for paying attention. I believe the more you look, the more you see. In all contexts!

Here’s the 40” sq piece a bit further along. I’m playing with interference paints over the dark blue in some of the areas, this means that as the viewer shifts positions, the color changes - yes, perspective changes everything!

Still more to do, not sure what I’m going to do on the edges of the box frame…

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