Daily Meditation Creations

Let me explain what these are, as you all know, I’ve been wrestling with ways of expressing myself since selling my steel shop (opting for physical health with less pain). I have been playing with various 3-dimensional media, aluminum rod, pvc sheet, wood, etc. All good, but I’m missing working large. So I felt it was time to take a breathe and focus internally. These necklaces were inspired by the wonderful work I see in the Sundance catalog, and cannot afford ($380 for some!!!) 

Recognizing that I have bins of materials from past projects, I sat myself down and brought my attention to creating in the moment. 

These are the results of daily meditations focusing on being present and noticing life’s details. I hope you enjoy! I offer them at $100 for your choice. 

Check back for more as they come into being!

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