The Gift Of Time- Part 1

You may recall, that I am the eternal optimist. I have chosen to recognize the last nine weeks as a gift. Rather than huddle terrified in my space, listening to the news talking death 24/7, I decided to use this as a healing and creating time.

It’s only in retrospect that I can fully appreciate how necessary this time was for me. Some of you know all of the things that have happened over the last three years in my life, I have not had a moment to fully reflect, go through, address and move forward due to life continuing (as it will).

During this time, I have had a blissful flow of creativity. Things that needed to come out and be illustrated in ways that may communicate to others and ease their pain or help in their journey. I continue to explore both media and message, my message stays consistent in being aware of what’s around you, recognizing the power you have to change not just your world but others’ worlds as well.

The images above show the progress on a piece that deals with 54 1cm cubes colored with both primary and secondary colors to represent all of us with all of our differences and all of our baggage, these are exploding out of a central cube of white illustrating how we all start together and we all have our own paths and even when someone chooses another path, it really just means they’re bringing new things to someplace else.

I have found in the creation of my cube series, that the process of creation is absolutely as important as the end result. I have learned to channel my inner OCD (which I never knew I had) and revel in the process and the detail and the ritual which allows me to arrive at a finished piece with great depth and meaning. Like reading a good long book, it stays with me while I am immersed in it and colors the way I view the world.

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