I’m working on this piece titled “Family Ties”, it’s about my sister and myself and it’s really two separate pieces that will be hung independently and my initial idea is to have shoestrings over the years to tie them together. The shoe strings come from a comment made during one of the drives to  Florida over Christmas vacation with my sister and I fighting in the backseat, one of us said “her shoelace is pointing at me” and promptly used that statement as a reason to smack the other!

It’s proving to be a challenge, trying to figure out how to mount the pieces I have cast in resin so that the perspective communicates how the black-and-white is referencing the past and the colors are referencing the present.

I have some interesting things brewing in my head, it’s evolving out of a perfectly rectangular shape into something almost more like a best friend necklace where there’s a jagged edge where they connect. I will keep you all posted, any and all comments are helpful, look for more posts with different photos as things evolve.

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