Winged Spiral finished!

Here is the Winged Spiral finished. I have it here on a Pecky Cypress base, currently unfinished wood. Not sure if this will be the final base, may be too busy. You can also see in this video the next painting I’m working on - it already looks very different :-D

current state, sky background painting (may be) done, tweaking body colors to be lighter/brighter

people shapes placed and primed

planning stages, playing with little steel people shapes in background, musculature caulk lines for texture and changing them from dark to silver

I decided this needs reworking

Here are the “in progress” pix from the latest painting/assemblage piece. As I think about this year and the new year to come, I find myself pushing for lightness. No more darkness, always go for the light, choose Happy and follow through!

This piece started as a figure in a box, pushing the limits, bound by others’ expectations. It needed to percolate for a while until I was ready to be free.

The caulk lines here will be silver when finished, to illustrate the energy that flows through us all and connects us to all living things. 

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