Las Meninas Project with Healing Arts in Medicine & Florida Cancer Specialists

The arts are a powerful tool for healing.  Using well-chosen art and cultural techniques in a small setting such as a chemotherapy room, many patients can find ways to represent their feelings and emotions, hopes and dreams.  Sharing their words and images in a safe environment can help patients regain a sense of wholeness and hope in the face of life-threatening illness, and can transform frustration, pain and victimization into renewal and rebirth.

Internationally known artist, Antonio Azzato, created an expressive 90 sculpture exhibition in Spain recalling the famous “Las Meninas” painting from the master artist, Diego Velazquez. Azzato is creating a special series of meninas doll sculptures specifically for Florida Cancer Specialists to help share the story and potential of arts in medicine.

Each participating FCS office will receive one of the 10 pound 36” tall resin statues.   I have been contracted by Healing Arts Medicine LLC, to work with up to 6 patients in that practice where together, over three painting sessions, we will paint the resin sculpture to reflect the story and personality of each unique office location. A local personality in the community will be invited to team up with the artist in one of the painting sessions when working on the sculpture with patients.

Completed sculptures will go on the “road” for display at various locations such as local museums, schools, government offices, etc.  The end of the project will be a gala, all sculptures will be on display for a live and online auction; 100% of proceeds will be given to the Florida Cancer Specialists Foundation.

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