2nd Winged Spiral in the works

I’m going to try and keep these wings thin and strong. Not sure if I will create ruffles in their outside edges yet, may add some playful movement.

This material is Sintra - PVC sheet, it can be formed using a heat gun to achieve simple or complex curves. There is actually a “grain” to this stuff, it bends very well in one direction and not much in the other (think bending cardboard in the same direction as the corrugations vs against them).

Below is a tulip design I’m working on for a fundraiser / community awareness project with Parkinson Place here in Sarasota.  Sintra is such a perfect material since it’s light weight and durable. Parkinson patients are invited to paint these large tulips which will then be displayed in the community to raise awareness and eventually be auctioned off at an event benefitting Parkinson Place.

If you or someone you know might be interested in painting one, please email me at PamelaOlin@gmail.com.

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