Pamela Olin

Pamela Olin's art encourages the viewer to enter a dialogue, investing part of themselves to shape their own vision. Using her broad technical expertise, Pamela combines varying emotional themes involving the human form and it's intimate space. Her art intends to promote self-discovery, growth and the ability to push the envelope of our awareness.


Pamela believes in stepping out of our boundaries to gain perspective on our lives. Her ideas dictate the media used to achieve her goals. Pamela creates with steel, bronze, copper, brass, stone and various found objects. These elements, combined with paint, canvas and life, enable her to evoke emotional responses deep within her viewers.

Pamela's teaching philosophy is one of learning by doing. Experience is everything. The exploration of materials and meaning in the classroom as well as the studio should allow self-expression and reflection. Process is integral to the work - the conscious realization of what our hands and minds are capable of producing.


Evolving as a person and making art is a completely intertwined process. The decisions made when making an art object are as important and meaningful as the art piece itself. She encourages her students to experiment with materials, to push their ideas to the limit and to think always about the content of their work.